Greetings and Salutations!
This is a NSFW blog, that puts on display my search for beauty.

You can find beauty in a smile, a kiss, or sweaty bodies grinding... Well, you get the idea!

Always appreciate the feminine, so if you're so inclined, drop by and check my blog out, or submit a pic or two (or three, or a hundred...). Your wishes as for what to be done with them WILL be respected.

I am a MAN, as old as my tongue, and a little bit older than my teeth. Old enough to know better, and sometimes did it anyway. So if you'd like to talk and learn from my mistakes, drop me a line! I won't tell you something online I wouldn't say to you face to face.

Finally, if you're under the age of majority where you are (18, 21, etc.), please DO NOT FOLLOW! You only get to be a kid once, and you don't get those years back, so enjoy them while they last!